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Individual cache pages are available as pdf’s below or visit our GeoCaching.com Profile.


Site # Cache Name GC # Site ID #
1 70 Mile Roadhouse GC1TTRQ 080102
2 The Ashcroft Manor GC1TWW6 010102
3 Ashcroft Mesa Viewpoint GC1V220 010301
4 Aspen Grove Mining Camp GC1TQ48 120201
5 Aspen Grove Mining Characters GC1TKPX 120103
6 Balancing Rock GC1VCMD 100303
7 Barnes & Willard Lake Gravesite GC1TQ4J 010401
8 Big Bar Lake Guest Ranch GC1TQ4W 080103
9 Big Bar Reaction Ferry GC1TQCK 080302
10 The Birth of Logan Lake GC1V1WP 050102
11 Boston Flats GC1V3XC 020104
12 Botanie Valley GC1TQCY 060301
13 Brookmere GC1V1YV 120102
14 The Butte Ranch Site (Archived) GC1TWTM 010101
15 The Cache Creek Melange GC1TQDF 020201
16 Cache Creek Park, Story of the Mysterious Mineshaft GC1TWXX 020102
17 Castle Rock Hoodoos GC1TQDY 100302
18 Charles Agustus Semlin GC1TWXG 020101
19 Church of St. Mary and St. Paul GC1TQ1X 060501
20 Clapperton Falls GC1TQE8 110302
21 Clinton Museum GC1XHRZ 030102
22 Clinton Pioneer Cemetery GC1VA5K 030401
23 Cornwall Hills Park & Lookout GC1TY1Z 090301
24 Craigmont Mine GC1TQEP 070201
25 Crater Lake GC1TQF0 080301
26 Deadman Valley Hoodoos GC1V315 100202
27 The Fishing Rocks at Bridge River GC1TQF9 040102
28 Ghost of Walhachin GC1VA6W 090401
29 Goldpan Prov Park GC1TKWQ 060201
30 Guichon Lundbom Grasslands GC1V1X7 120101
31 Harper’s Grist Mill GC1TWWX 010103
32 Hat Creek Coal GC1TT1K 090202
33 Highland Valley Copper Mine GC1TXPX 050201
34 Hudson’s Bay Co Brigade Trail GC1TT1W 100102
35 Jesmond GC1TTQJ 080101
36 The Kaoham Shuttle GC1VKHP 040302
37 Kelly Lake Roadhouse GC1XHN2 030101
38 Lac Le Jeune GC1TTQP 100301
39 Mary Lafek, Pioneer GC1TTQX 110102
40 Last Chance Lake Soda Site GC1V3XX 030202
41 Logan Lake Pioneers GC1VBWP 050103
42 Lower Seton Spawning Channel GC1TTRH 040301
43 Lytton Cemetery; GC1TQ25 060402
44 Lytton Reaction Ferry GC1TQ34 060102
45 Marble Canyon GC1TWZ3 090201
46 The McLean Brothers GC1TWQN 110101
47 Merritt Viewpoint GC1TTVC 070302
48 Monck Prov Park GC1TTW0 070301
49 Morens Farm & Family Gravesite GC1VA6F 090101
50 The Old Bridge GC1TTXQ 040103
51 The Painted Chasm GC1TTW8 030201
52 Paska Lake GC1VNQ7 050301
53 Pennask Lake and Esker GC1VCKZ 110201
54 Pineridge Cemetery GC1TTWA 070401
55 Promontory Lookout GC1TTWQ 110301
56 Red Rock GC1V1V4 040303
57 Reg Conn Centennial Park GC1V3ZK 030301
58 The s7istken (Pit House) (Archived) GC1TTXY 040101
59 Savona’s Ferry GC1TTWW 100101
60 The Scottie Creek Cache GC1TWYC 020103
61 The Smith’s GC1V1ZA 120104
62 Split Rock GC1VCMN 100201
63 St. Aidens of Pokeist GC1TTX0 090501
64 St. Albans Anglican Church GC1V33F 010501
65 St. Peter Catholic Church GC1VA63 030501
66 The Stein Valley Asking Rock GC1VCKG 060401
67 Stoyoma GC1V20G 120301
68 Transportation Hub GC1V3XM 020105
69 Transvaal Mine GC1TQFD 050104
70 Trinity United Church GC1TTXZ 070501
71 Tunkwa Lake GC1VBVC 050101
72 Vidette Lake Gold Mines GC1TTY2 100103


Site # Cache Name Theme GC # Area
73 3 Mile Lake / Jean Caux Settlers and Pioneers GC3P2WA Clinton
74 20 Mile House Settlers and Pioneers GC3P36X Area E
75 Airport Road Settlers and Pioneers GC3PB7D Lytton Area I
76 Arrowstone Park Geological and views GC3NXFR Lillooet & Area M
77 Baillie House Settlers and Pioneers GC3P8RM Merritt & Area N
78 Baits Motel Film GC3PD0T Lytton Area I
79 Barnes Lake Trail Film GC3NYWE Ashcroft
80 Battle Creek Road Geological and views GC3P2VX Cache Creek
81 Big Bar Ski Trails Rails and Trails GC3PB8J Clinton
82 Black Canyon Geological and views GC3NK88 Ashcroft
83 Blue Earth Lake Geological and views GC3P37R Lytton Area I
84 BlueBird Trail Geological and views GC3P8K4 Logan Lake Area J
85 Bonaparte House Settlers and Pioneers GC3NXDX Cache Creek
86 Botanie Rock Geological and views GC3PD93 Lytton Area I
87 Burkholder Lake Trail Rails and Trails GC3QN6R Lillooet & Area M
88 BX Express Rails and Trails GC3NXAJ Ashcroft
89 Cache Creek Cemetary Film GC3P6N9 Cache Creek
90 Cache Creek Tower Top Settlers and Pioneers GC3NZ68 Cache Creek
91 Camelsfoot Peak Trail Rails and Trails GC3QN8Q Lillooet & Area M
92 Campbell Hill Rails and Trails GC3P12N Cache Creek
93 Clemes Hall Settlers and Pioneers GC3P9E8 Lytton Area I
94 Clinton Hotel Settlers and Pioneers GC3PB80 Clinton
95 Clinton Memorial Hall Settlers and Pioneers GC3P0ZY Clinton
96 Cougar Point Geological and views GC3PB9D Clinton
97 Earlscourt Agriculture GC3V58Q Lytton Area I
98 Emerald Bay, Green Lake Geological and views GC3PBAJ Clinton
99 Epsom – Last Spike Rails and Trails GC3PBCN Lytton Area I
100 Echo Valley Ranch Film GC3PBB3 Clinton
101 Frederick- Dew Drop Trail Rails and Trails GC3P9HD Logan Lake Area J
102 George Dawson Geological and views GC3P8N7 Logan Lake Area J
103 Glossy Mountain Settlers and Pioneers GC3PCN8 Logan Lake Area J
104 Godey Creek Trail Rails and Trails GC3PBCZ Merritt & Area N
105 Haywood Farmer – Indian Gardens Ranch Agriculture GC3P3TH Logan Lake Area J
106 Henry Castillou Settlers and Pioneers GC3PBEG Merritt & Area N
107 Horseshoe Bend Trail Rails and Trails GC3QN7Z Lillooet & Area M
108 James Teit Settlers and Pioneers GC3PBD4 Merritt & Area N
109 Jesus Garcia Settlers and Pioneers GC3PBDR Merritt & Area N
110 Joseph Burr Glossie City Settlers and Pioneers GC3P97H Logan Lake Area J
111 Joss House Settlers and Pioneers GC3PCWN Lytton Area I
112 Journal Museum Settlers and Pioneers GC3NXC7 Ashcroft
113 Kanaka Bar Film GC3PB6N Lytton Area I
114 Kane Valley Ski Trail Rails and Trails GC3PBYD Merritt & Area N
115 Kentucky Alleyne Rails and Trails GC3PBE6 Merritt & Area N
116 Logan Lake Shovel Geological and views GC3PCKG Logan Lake Area J
117 Loon Lake Geological and views GC3P958 Clinton
118 Maiden Creek Ranch Settlers and Pioneers GC3P2X1 Clinton
119 Merritt Subdivision Rails and Trails GC3PCJ6 Merritt & Area N
120 Mimi Falls Geological and views GC3Q6XK Logan Lake Area J
121 Mission Ridge Trail Rails and Trails GC3QN60 Lillooet & Area M
122 Nicola Subdivision Settlers and Pioneers GC3PBDF Merritt & Area N
123 NK&S Rails and Trails GC3PCEK Merritt & Area N
124 Old Fire Hall Settlers and Pioneers GC3NXD7 Ashcroft
125 Ovens Rails and Trails GC3P2XG Clinton
126 Paradise Lakes Geological and views GC3PAM3 Merritt & Area N
127 Parke Ranch Agriculture GC3P6RE Cache Creek
128 Pavilion Lake Geological and views GC3P2XW Lillooet & Area M
129 Porcupine Creek Canyon Rails and Trails GC3PBBW Clinton
130 Quilchena Agriculture GC3PAMG Lillooet & Area M
131 Red Lake Geological and views GC3P3V8 Logan Lake Area J
132 Salmon Valley Geological and views GC3PAN2 Lillooet & Area M
133 Savona Mountain Geological and views GC3P3W3 Logan Lake Area J
134 Seton Ridge Trail Rails and Trails GC3QN9X Lillooet & Area M
135 Skihist Rails and Trails GC3P38Y Lytton Area I
136 Stake Lake Trail Rails and Trails GC3QN9E Lillooet & Area M
137 Stick Lake Geological and views GC3P8VT Clinton
138 Stump Lake Film GC3P8MP Lillooet & Area M
139 Tranquille Lake Geological and views GC3P3WW Logan Lake Area J
140 Trans Canada Trail Rails and Trails GC3PANE Merritt & Area N
141 Walhachin Museum Settlers and Pioneers GC3P38Y Lytton Area I
142 Watching Creek Rails and Trails GC3P3XC Logan Lake Area J
143 Widow Smith Settlers and Pioneers GC3P39B Lytton Area I
144 YD Ranch Settlers and Pioneers GC3NXEX Ashcroft

The Prequel

Site # Cache Name Theme GC # Area
1 A Nomadic People Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9Z2BG Cache Creek
2 Sharing The Wealth Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9Z1C7 Cache Creek
3 Arrowleaf Balsamroot Flora and Fauna GC9YBK3 Cache Creek
4 Oh Deer Handed Down Traditions GC9Z91A Cache Creek
5 Yarrow Flora and Fauna GC9YBVC Cache Creek
6 The Care Takers Of The Fossil Beds Historic Site of Significance GC9Z0XK Cache Creek
7 The Mighty Salmon Flora and Fauna GC9YX95 Walhachin
8 Osprey Viewing Flora and Fauna GC9Y97Y Walhachin
9 The Story Tellers and Knowledge Keepers Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9YKMT Walhachin
10 Plantain Flora and Fauna GC9YKN6 Walhachin
11 The Thompson River Indigenous Heritage and Culture GC9YJY2 Walhachin
12 Big Sagebrush Flora and Fauna GC9YAKW Skeetchesn
13 The History of Logan Lakes Grasslands Point of Interest GC9YPJZ Logan Lake
14 Logan Lake’s Wild Horses Point Of Interest GC9YNFB Logan Lake
15 Hooshum Flora and Fauna GC9Z1C4 Ashcroft
16 Prickly Pear Cactus Flora and Fauna GC9Y99D Ashcroft
17 The Harmony Bell Point of Interest GC9Z17C Ashcroft
18 Bitterroot Flora and Fauna GC9YPPC Ashcroft
19 Ashcroft Indian Band Indigenous Heritage and Culture GC9Z900 Ashcroft
20 Oregon Jack Historic Site of Significance GC9YBNH Ashcroft
21 Those Red Hills Historic Site of Significance GC9YBRE Area I
22 Poison Ivy Flora and Fauna GC9Z1YM Spences Bridge
23 Percy Minnabarriet, The Spear Fisherman Handed Down Traditions  GC9Z92H Spences Bridge
24 Frog Rock Historic Site of Significance GC9Y974 Nicomen
25 Lytton Historic Site of Significance GC9YAGG Lytton
26 Skuppah Historic Site of Significance GC9YAH3 Skuppah
27 Saskatoon Berries Flora and Fauna GC9YPH0 Lillooet
28 Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe Historic Site of Significance GC9YAMR Clinton
29 Sagebrush Buttercup Flora and Fauna GC9YAFT Lillooet
30 The Mighty Fraser Historic Site of Significance GC9Z93Q Lillooet
31 Labrador Tea Flora and Fauna GC9Z290 Fountain Valley
32 Canada Mint Flora and Fauna GC9YPPC Pavilion
33 John Pierro – The Ceremony Opener Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9YZRX Hat Creek
34 Hat Creek Historic Site of Significance GC9YAJB Hat Creek
35 The Painted Hills Pont of Interest GC9YAB3 Area I
36 The Bonaparte River Historic Site of Significance GC9YD4P Loon Lake
37 Loon Lake Lahal Handed Down Traditions GC9Y98M Loon Lake
38 Relocation Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9Z7YF Clinton
39 A Story About The Cottonwood Canoe Indigenous Culture and Heritage  GC9YR29 Clinton
40 Kostering and Grinder Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9Z7YV Clinton
41 Pear Lake Historic Sites Of Significance GC9Z7YA Clinton
42 Lake to Lake, Mountain Range to Mountain Range Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9Z7Y7 Clinton
43 Heartleaf Arnica Flora and Fauna GC9YXG4 Clinton
44 Pavilion Mountain Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9Y992 Clinton
45 Wild Horse Ridge Indigenous Culture and Heritage GC9YABQ   Clinton
46 The Douglas Fir Tree Flora and Fauna GC9Z3GM 70 Mile House
47 Cattails, The Pond Super Plant Flora and Fauna GC9Z273 70 Mile House
48 Always Shady Tree – Paper Birch Flora and Fauna GC9Z6M3 70 Mile House
49 Goldenrod Flora and Fauna GC9Z25R 70 Mile House
50 Holy Jumping Juniper Flora and Fauna GC9YPQR Chasm

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