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Crisp mountain air, blue skies and pine forests surround the picturesque highland community of Logan Lake. Recreational activities are the highlight of every season, from fishing and hiking to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.



“Tslakan”, a Savona Indian fur trader, had a daughter whose name was Anglicized as Anne Logan, and it is thought that Logan Lake derived its name from her.

The first mining prospectors arrived in the Highland Valley in the 1870s, and ranchers followed in the early twentieth century, settling in nearby Mamette Lake and Meadow Creek. It wasn’t until 1970 that the town of Logan Lake was founded, to house the workers of the newly opened copper mine. The Lornex mine eventually became Highland Valley Copper, which remains the town’s biggest employer.

Things to Do

Visitor Information Centre

31 Chartrand Ave
Phone: (250) 523-6322)

Located inside a huge mining shovel that sits next to a 235-ton ore truck, this Visitor Information Centre is a great place to start your tour of Logan Lake. The centre’s friendly staff will assist you in your discovery of the area, and is open from mid-May to mid-October.

Highland Valley Copper

Phone: (250) 523-3307

Highland Valley Copper is one of the largest open-pit copper mines in the world, so large that it is visible from space! Such a mammoth undertaking requires big machinery, and a tour of the mine is an unforgettable experience. The tours are FREE and the duration is approximately 2 1/2 hrs. NOTE: the tours are unavailable to children under 12 years, due to safety restrictions. Daily weekday tours run from the end of May to August.

Highland Valley Copper Lookout

Situated on Highway 97C, the lookout has signage detailing First Nations and mining history within the valley. Don’t forget your camera!

Meadow Creek Pottery

315 Chartrand Ave.
Phone: (250) 523-6946

Watch a local artisan at work. Sculptures, tiles and stoneware are just a few of the beautifully handcrafted items on display for purchase.



Logan Lake’s friendly service and hearty servings make its cafés and restaurants popular with locals and visitors. Visit the artistic Old Village Café (10-111 Chartrand Ave. Phone: 250-523-9427) and admire the works of local artisans, including stunning stained glass hanging in the windows. Enjoy the warm hospitality and great menu at T J Bistro (91-111 Chartrand Ave. Phone: 250-523-9541), where you’ll also find ice-cream on a summer’s afternoon. Try the Logan Lake Deli (250-523-9030) for a selection of fresh lunch options to take out or eat in. The Black Bull Pub (264 Poplar Dr. Phone: 250-523-2377) and the restaurant at the Copper Valley Motor Inn (19 Apex Dr. Phone: 250-523-9433) are both welcoming establishments.



The highlight of the winter season is Logan Lake’s Polar Carnival, which takes place over a week in January. Crammed with fun winter activities, including an outdoor speed skating oval maintained by the River City Racers speed skating club, the Polar Carnival closes with the Varion Pond Hockey Classic. This is a chance for hockey lovers of all ages to compete on the frozen lake.

Hosted by the Logan Lake Ranch and Country Club and the Logan Lake ATV Club, the ATV Poker Run is a fun weekend in May that brings equestrian and motor enthusiasts together to enjoy the local trails.

On July 1st more festivities are planned for the whole family. You won’t want to miss the parade, arts show, music and fireworks display.

Model airplanes take to the skies in July at the High Country Flyers event (Morrison Ranch, east of Logan Lake). Watching the planes being launched from a 750-foot grass runway is great entertainment for the whole family.

Logan Lake Day is celebrated on the BC day long weekend with great family entertainment and an evening dance. There is also a car show & shine as well. Keep posted with the Gold Country Events Calendar for more details.

Don’t miss the Open House at Highland Valley Copper held annually on BC day. Bring the kids and learn about one of the world’s largest open pit mining operations. There are many displays and family entertainment.

The talents of local artisans are showcased in September at the Fall Fair & Tea. Admire beautifully hand crafted quilts, photography and many other items while being served by Logan Lake “royalty”.


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