What is GeoCaching?

Discover the region’s rich history while using GPS points or treasure hunt clues (letterboxing) to find boxes cached throughout Gold Country. Free fun for the whole family!

GeoCaching is the modern treasure hunt with a twist; combining outdoor adventure with fascinating details about each site you explore. Use a GPS or traditional treasure hunt clues to locate boxes hidden throughout the region and uncover countless riches along the way!

I’ve Never Tried GeoCaching,
Can Anyone Do It?

Yes! Families with small children, young couples and retired groups of friends have all written to us to let us know how much they’ve enjoyed the GeoCaching program. Most cache sites do not require excessive physical exertion to reach them, and if you don’t have a GPS, you can still have a go by following the letterbox clues.

Where Can I Buy a Field Guide?

Gold Country GeoCaching Adventures Field Guides, as well as many other GeoCaching goodies are available at our online shop. Field Guides are also available at Visitor Information Centres and participating stores throughout the region.

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